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Album Review: Tracy Lawrence - Headlights, Taillights and Radios

By: Matt Bjorke

There are plenty of veteran country stars still making music, even as their careers have moved away from mainstream radio. One singer who still seems to be able to be relevant to Radio -- even if it's only every couple of years at this point -- is Tracy Lawrence. Much like his 90s country brethren Tim McGraw and George Strait, a lot of what makes Lawrence who he is is his ear for selecting material that suits his strong, identifiable voce. 

Tracy has stated that the album originally was meant to be a collection of traditional stuff but somewhere along the way the course changed to include mainstream music that's of-the-moment like "Footprints On The Moon," "Blacktop" and "Good Girl." But as good as these songs are -- and they're allvery good -- Tracy still is in his sweet spot singing teardrop-inducing ballads like "Lie," "Saving Savannah," and the story song "Butterfly." 

The melodies of much of Headlights, Taillights and Radios may suggest a modernized Tracy Lawrence -- a veteran artist still looking for more radio airplay -- but what he has that a lot of the newer artists don't have is that unique voice that instantly identifies his music as Tracy Lawrence music. And it is that voice that ultimately makes Headlights, Taillights and Radios the strong album that it is.