Cowboys & Indians Magazine has the exclusive first look at the official video for Tracy’s new single “When The Cowboy’s Gone.”

ON THE SONG’S MEANING AND LESSONS: “I think the cowboy persona is what we’re missing most in society today. The honor and integrity seen in the John Wayne era. Someone to right the wrongs, help you out when your wagon wheel broke. … Just a stand-up person.  A person you can count on.”

ON QUARANTINE AND HOW HE’S FARING ONLINE AT HOME IN TENNESSEE: “I miss all of it. The traveling, the stage, the people. Comradery of my band and crew.  Just all of it. … I live out in the country where cell towers are lacking, so my internet — or lack of — makes it hard to do anything. I did do an acoustic performance last week, but that has been all I have really been able to do.”

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