Tracy Lawrence unveils the next track off his forthcoming EP, Out Here In It, with the soulful heartbreak Country ballad “Gulf of Mexico.” Listen HERE. Tracy brings his signature sound to the forefront in the second release off his carefully crafted six-song EP, due Friday, June 7. Presave/add HERE.

“I love a good ballad,” shares Lawrence. “These kind of songs have always been some of my favorites to sing. When I heard Gulf of Mexico it was instantly a favorite that I had to record and put on the EP. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this song and like it as much as I do.”

Staying in the realm of his distinctively branded style, “Gulf of Mexico” offers a neon lit, slow dance spin to the center of the EP, providing a roadmap of the broken-hearted, runaway places that Lawrence has searched for to mend his fractured heart. Engulfed in traditional led instrumentation that adds proper feels to the heartache emotions of Lawrence’s powerful vocal, listeners travel the vices he’s examined at the bottom of every alcohol-filled glass inside any bar he could find. Penned by Monty Criswell, Derek George and Bubba Strait, the track tugs heartstrings when Lawrence confesses that no matter how far he tries to run away from her and drown out the memory of what they used to share, she’s still in full ownership of his heart.

In addition to the song, a new music video was also released! Set against the backdrop of the Gulf’s rolling blue ocean waves, Lawrence’s spotlight puts his smooth, steady vocals on display as he sings through the soul-searching emotions heartbreak brings to the forefront. Watch HERE